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with the violent chain of events that left three people dead including an east bay rapper. reporter: >> there was a loud boom and then i heard two other booms. >> reporter: witnesses said it looked like an action movie. this cell phone camera captured the massive fireball on the las vegas strip the culmination of a wild chase that ended in gunshots and a car wreck that killed three. police say it started with an argument at the valet area of an area hotel. the men got in separate cars, a range rover and maserati and started speeding down las vegas boulevard racing. the maserati belonged to kenneth cherry an aspiring rap artist from oakland owned by kenny clutch. this is one of his videos highlighting his cherished car. around 4:30 police say someone in the range rover opened fire. >> the maserati driver having been shot sped through the
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intersection of flamingo and las vegas boulevard colliding with the taxicab causing a six- car accident. >> i ran over there to help the dude in the maserati pulled him out and tried to give him some cpr. he was breathing at that time but the ambulance came and i don't think he made it. >> reporter: kenny clutch died, as well as the taxicab and the passenger. the passenger with clutch is cooperating with authorities. >> what happened on the strip today will not be tolerated. these individuals will be found. they will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. >> reporter: they are still looking for that range rover. it's black with dark tinted windows and black rims. police have sent out an alert to authorities in three states including california. in las vegas, joe vazquez, kpix 5. bay area friends and family told kpix 5 that they are devastated by the rapper's
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death. [ rap ] >> again, his stage name was kenny clutch. this music video he cruises the vegas strip in a maserati. friends say he left the bay area hoping to find a better safer life in las vegas. his loved ones lit candles last night in oakland on the street where he grew up. funeral services are scheduled tonight in oakland for three teenagers that were killed in a car crash in the mojave desert last week. the driver fell asleep as the teenagers returned to oakland from a rugby tournament down in las vegas. the fourth victim was buried earlier this week. a big noisy surprise on san francisco bay. work on the new span. bay bridge came to a crashing halt when a crane below the deck collapsed along with 100 tons of steel. kpix 5's anne makovec is on treasure island this morning where people are amazed nobody was hurt. >> reporter: everybody is lucky for that after this accident yesterday. the investigation into exactly
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what happened here is set to resume early this morning and construction is as well after being halted yesterday. the crane was working below the deck of the new eastern span and collapsed just after noon. it was lifting a large steel segment when it slipped loose and fell on a barge taking the crane down with it. our ken bastida got a close-up look at the aftermath yesterday afternoon. >> the red section that you see the sparks coming off of right now is the upper section of the crane that came crashing down. just behind that to the left is a piece of the falsework, the iron work that held up the roadway. that came crashing down as well on to that barge. now we're going to swing way over underneath the bridge and you'll see the original crane that rolled over. there it is. it's laying on top of that barge over there. >> reporter: a few floating cranes had been taking down the temporary support structure.
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the suspension span is now holding the road. but taking down that structure was supposed to be a more calculated process than what we saw yesterday. as of now, the bay bridge is still set to open on time. no delays caused by this accident and it is set to open on september 3. live on treasure island, anne makovec, kpix 5. 192 days and counting. >> there we go. >> i'm glad you're in green today because today is national margarita today. >> it's fitting then. the color of margaritas. >> i look that. national margarita day and friday! this is a perfect combination. >> and sunny. >> and sunny, too, yeah. it's going to be nice around the bay area. we are going to see a lot of sunshine and temperatures will warm up as we set the stage for what looks like a fantastic weekend. out there right now, still cold in spots, 33 degrees hovering just above freezing in napa, 37 in santa rosa, 39 san jose, mostly clear skies to
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start out the morning. high clouds drifting across the skies but high pressure will bring the temperatures up at least a couple of degrees by the afternoon. in fact, right around seasonal for this time of year. temperatures on average usually to mid-60s. i think we'll get close to that into the afternoon. maybe a little warmer into santa rosa at 65. 64 in concord and 63 degrees just slightly below average in san jose but feeling good. >> it is feeling good. we're excited. the weekend is here. unfortunately we have a problem spot this morning already in our traffic department. right now there is a traffic alert a fatal accident we're watching in redwood city. we are continuing to get some more details from chp. the road is closed right there at bayshore road and seaport boulevard so this may impact traffic heading into the port of redwood city. we understand it was a solo car accident. the person hit a fire hydrant and went through a fence. the person killed was ejected from the vehicle. so we're sending a news crew to the scene. we'll bring you a live update from that area of redwood city very shortly. in the meantime outside here's a live look at the golden gate
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bridge. everywhere else is "friday light" across the bay area. no other big hot spots on your major roads. so here's a live look at the milpitas drive westbound 237, flowing nicely out of milpitas towards sunnyvale and now let's look at the bay bridge where we know folks may be heading into san francisco if you are getting a head start. so far not a lot of company on the road across the upper deck. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> i'll take it, liz. thanks. protestors are staging a sit-in at the troubled city college of san francisco. they want students to have more input on how to save college from losing its accreditation. last summer major problems were found by a commission that oversees community college in the western united states. the commission threatened to pull the school's accreditation unless it provides an online for sufficient improvements. that deadline is three weeks from today. a newark man is accused of turning his garage into a machine gun factory. police and fbi agents say they
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seized six homemade assault weapons from harry lewis' home on birch street. they also found ammo and silencers. neighbors were shocked to learn he had been building the arsenal for six months. >> it was scary. he never really bothered anybody. >> never been concerned or felt threatened or worried as a neighbor? >> no, never, never. never. absolutely not. >> lewis faces up to 10 years in prison. when the feds asked him why, he told them he said he just wanted to see if he can actually build a gun at home. two candlelight vigils tonight at 6 p.m. tonight in silicon valley one in san jose outside valley fair on stevens creek boulevard the other is at emerson university in palo alto. they are by a group formed against gun violence. a rape and beating at uc-
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santa cruz has led the university to begin a night safety escort program. the school is providing vans to take faculty, students and visitors on campus between 8 p.m. and 2:45 a.m. last sunday around noon a 21- year-old woman, not a student, was assaulted on the campus. bart passengers can expect delays between oakland and san francisco tonight because maintenance work will shut down one of the two tunnels that make up the transbay tube. the closure set to begin at 10:00 tonight. the tunnel should reopen though by the time bart opens for business early tomorrow morning. time now 4:40. one week until drastic spending cuts. is there any hope for a deal on capitol hill? >> plus, if the $100 million price tag isn't enough to scare you off, the very unusual catch to purchase this bay area mansion. >> it brings a whole new meaning to the word, dogsled. the pooch that just couldn't wait to get out in the snow.
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's the scene th a massive snowstorm has moved from the great plains to the great lakes. this is the scene this morning in chicago where nearly 200 snowplows were deployed overnight. the snow is expected to turn to freezing drizzle which could mean a hazardous morning commute. a half foot of snow fell overnight in parts of wisconsin and iowa. two deaths have been link to the storm that wreaked havoc on missouri's major airports yesterday. our luggage is already in nashville but we're not. >> there are already delays in chicago airports and continuing flight problems at st. louis and kansas city, missouri. this will likely affect flights much of today at the bay area's three major airports. this is thunder snow in kansas. this is the scene yesterday in wichita where they got a foot
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of snowfall yesterday. thunder in the middle of a snowstorm. cool, huh? and snow is still falling in missouri where they have already gotten a foot. but some like duke took advantage of the weather. his owner shot this video of the 75-pound bulldog sliding down a slope. looks like fun barking the entire way down. duke found a new hobby, dogsledding. who knew. >> every time you see like a dog surfing, a dog skateboarding, it's always a bulldog. >> we're seeing good weather come our way as high pressure is holding on now going to warm things up a little bit outside. in fact, i think throughout the day these temperatures that are in the 30s and 40s chilly now will be very pleasant in the latter part of the day and right about average for this time of year. upper 50s, some mid-60s in the warmest spots. still a couple of high clouds drifting across our skies, not a real strong ridge.
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so we'll see some of these clouds dump over from time to time over the top of the ridge. but otherwise, it is going to stay fair and i think the weekend looking good. some mild temperatures today. cooler breezy on saturday. but then we warm up on sunday. tahoe 46. 65 in the sacramento valley. chance we could still see some scattered showers in toward eureka but that's about it. otherwise, we are staying dry. temperatures around the bay area today 63 in san jose. 58 in pacifica. about 62 in hayward. numbers running up to 62 in livermore today. 64 in concord. 64 walnut creek. 63 oakland. 59 san francisco. and 65 degrees in santa rosa. looking out over the next couple of days including the weekend, beautiful in fact an offshore wind likely to kick in on sunday. that will warm those temperatures back up again. and by the end of next week, we could see some numbers again near 70 degrees, elizabeth. i know you love that. >> i feel like spring is just
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around the corner. we are getting excited. all right. we are following police on the scene of a fatal accident all happening in redwood city and kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran just got there. cate, are the roads still closed? >> reporter: they are. take a look. traffic investigators are still here on skin trying to assess exactly what happened so it's likely if you are traveling northbound off highway 101 you will see these flashing lights but what i can tell you is that this was a single vehicle accident and we know that an adult female died as a result. we don't know if anyone else was in the car. we got reports that the driver had the a hydrant and was ejected and the car continued on and hit the fence. those are just initial reports that we're here at this time. we do know that redwood city police did have a mobile command unit here earlier trying to gather evidence but again, this is the scene out here live as you can see. road here still blocked. this is off seaport boulevard and east bay shore am so if you
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are traveling down here expect roads to be blocked. it's an active scene as far as we know. we'll bring you the latest as we have it. live in redwood city, cate caugiran, kpix 5. it's mainly an industrial commercial area so it may am pact traffic heading towards the port of redwood city. except for that traffic alert there, it's "friday light" in the rest of the bay area. westbound 580 through the altamont pass and livermore no signs of brake lights at all all the way towards the dublin interchange. that's drive time is still in the clear. now, if you are traveling up the nimitz freeway northbound 880 and southbound 880 they have various lanes blocked from the oakland coliseum all the way towards the macarthur maze and the downtown oakland exit so heads up. scheduled to wrap up depending on the direction between 5:00 and 6:00 this morning. that's according to caltrans but, of course, it's not causing much of a problem spot in either direction yet. elsewhere westbound 580 i mentioned still looking good the nimitz and down the eastshore freeway 19 minutes on westbound 80 from the carquinez
4:46 am
bridge to the maze. and getting a quick check of mass transit, so far there's no problems reported bart systemwide on time, muni, caltrain and ace also on schedule. that's a check of your time- saver traffic. back to you. >> thank you. an officer's punch led police to name christopher dorner as a suspect in a double murder. dorner killed himself during a manhunt last week. teresa evans had trained him and worked as his partner in the l.a. police department. he accused her of police brutality. leading to his dismissal for making false statements. now evans tells the "l.a. times" that in her words something told me there was some kind of connection. 4:48 now. our nation's leaders now have less than a week to agree on a budget plan ordeal with the consequences of those automatic spending cuts. yesterday president obama called john boehner and mitch mcconnell. none of the parties involved discussed the details of the phone calls. members of the house and senate have been on vacation and are due back on capitol hill this
4:47 am
coming monday. >> both sides i think aren't really making a move and both look bad in the process. >> the so-called sequester would mean automatic cuts of $85 billion between march and september. that would include cuts of 8% to the pentagon, 5% to domestic agencies operating budgets. president obama will meet today with japanese prime minister shinzo abay. they will be discussing the north korea nuclear threat. the united states and japan have a security alliance that dates back decades now. the two leaders will also talk about trade and other economic issues. united airlines will keep boeing 787s grounded until june. boeing will go to the faa today with plans to fix the plane's battery problems. the 787 dreamliner has been grounded since two incidents last month. the japanese investigators say they found an oil leak caused by an improper paint job that disabled a switch. they are still looking into the
4:48 am
battery issues. hewlett-packard's latest report shows better-than- expected results. hp profits fell 16% in the latest quarter but that was better than wall street and even hp expected. ceo meg whitman said it may take several years before the company is on solid ground again. hp's revenue has dropped for six consecutive quarters compared to the previous year. the dirty past is coming back at google's complex at mountain view. the problem has roots to the 1970s when companies used cancer-causing chemicals to make computer chips and dumped thousands of gallons of the toxic solvent tce into the ground. a recent construction project let toxic vapors into two of google's buildings. >> there have to be repairs to the foundation and that's how vapors may have created to potentially migrate into the building. >> the epa says it takes
4:49 am
decades of exposure to tce to cause any problems. a prime piece of peninsula real estate is up for sale but it comes with a catch. the owner gets to stay. the $100 million property sits on 46 acres in hillsborough above san mateo creek and south of crystal springs road. take a look. the 16,000-square-foot mediterranean style mansion is owned by 76-year-old christian [ indiscernible ] the fourth. he was born and raised in the home and wants to stay until he dies. at least one realtor thinks that there will be interest. >> a typical buyer would probably be someone seeking to showcase their success, often times coming from international. >> the mansion features 7 bedrooms, 8.5 bathrooms and a servant's wing. the home is surrounded by manicured gardens, although much of the property is still
4:50 am
undeveloped. a home nearby recently sold for $117 million. beautiful. i don't know, a house that big really? one person? >> probably wouldn't even run into the guy. >> wouldn't even know he is there. >> doing renovations, wallpaper and stuff, excuse me! >> true. >> anyway. >> hey. it is 4:51 now. coming up, is this year's flu vaccine good enough? >> plus a boy called 911 to file a report. unfortunately for him, it's not a crime for your mom to send you to bed. >> and that's not a squeaky toy. no, the little frog that's making a big splash on the internet. we are going to hear from them coming up.
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check' great event, the chinese new year's parade. how beautiful is that in temperatures about 51 degrees. it will be clear and chilly so bring your jackets. >> expect delays getting in and around san francisco because of it, as well. in the meantime, on the roads right now, it's looking good if you are traveling on any of our bay area bridges. golden gate bridge, bay bridge and san mateo bridge, all problem-free. we'll have more traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is 4:55. this morning, this season's flu shot isn't offering much protection for seniors apparently. the centers for disease control says that for people 65 and older the shot is protecting them from the most dangerous flu strain just 9% of the time. the vaccine is 56% effective overall and it's working best with kids up to the age of 17. genetic testing is becoming more common and scientists are giving doctors guidelines on when it's appropriate for kids. experts say dna screening in newborns should be encouraged to look for treatable conditions like sickle cell
4:54 am
disease. but they say kids should not be tested for genes that may affect them as adults. for example, the new policy recommends against girls being screened for brca gene knewtations that can cause cancer. a 10-year-old boy is in trouble in massachusetts. he didn't want to go to bed when mom said it was time so he decided to call the police to complain that his mother is mean. and police showed up wondering why someone called 911. the boy was embarrassed and said he has learned his lesson. i'm sure the police officers probably gave him a little lecture, right? >> i bet mom and dad did, too. >> right. >> when it comes from the police, oh, goodness. >> a little different. it's called the world's cutest frog. >> and with over 3 million views on youtube, here's why. [ croak, croak ] >> it's cute. the defensive cry of a desert rain frog but sounds a lot like
4:55 am
a dog's little squeaky toy. after a wildlife person posted it, the frog turned heads. >> doesn't look like a frog. it sounds cute. >> the dog is better. what is up with that?! it is 4:56 now. some breaking news out of south africa. a judge is about to make a decision on whether to grand oscar pistorius his bail. >> plus, gunshots, collisions and a fireball. what we're learning about the bay area man killed on the vegas strip. >> after a big accident yesterday, construction and the investigation both set to begin again this morning. live on treasure island next.
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4:58 am
decision on whether to grant the blaze runner bail. >> after 100 tons of steel came crashing down on a barge in the bay, construction on the new bridge continues. >> starting out a little chilly this morning but what a weekend we have in store for you. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we're continuing to watch this traffic alert. a deadly accident along the peninsula. we'll have the latest on lane closures and how this all happened. a live report from the scene that's coming up. >> good morning, everyone. it's friday, february 22. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00 now on this friday. we have some breaking news on the peninsula. a deadly car accident happens in redwood city. >> kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is on the scene this morning where police are still gathering evidence. cate. >> reporter: good morning. i actually have a little bit of new information about this accident. but first i want to show you that traffic investigators are actually still here, yes, on scene. roads are still blocked on east bay shore just off seaport boulevard. again, investigators are trying
4:59 am
to figure out what happened. redwood city police tell me at 2:20 this morning, there was a single vehicle accident. the driver an adult woman died as a result. we don't know if anyone else was in the car but we did hear reports earlier that the driver hit a hydrant and was ejected from the car. new information that we got from the officer is that he tells us that this was a 200- yard accident scene which means after she was ejected, the car continued and hit a fence so again that means it's a long -- a large amount of space that they are actually processing. now, back out live again, you can see roads are still blocked. we have seen a number of cars come here and try to get through. you will be turned away on east bay shore because the road is close for investigation. what else police say is this is the second solo vehicle accident in this past week. on tuesday a motorcyclist had a similar -- or had an accident as well

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